Many people love their pets and consider them family members, however, pet odor in your home can be one of the downsides to owning pets. Often time, homeowners will not notice the odor, but guests usually do. People that do not have pets can be turned off by pet odors and may even avoid coming to your home if it has strong smells. Here are some steps you can take for removing pet odors from your home.

Wash Your Animals

This is especially true if you own pets that are prone to getting smelly. Washing your dogs and other pets will contribute to removing pet odors from your home. Keeping your pets clean is not only good for removing pet odors but it is also good for the animal’s overall health.

Deep Cleaning Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning should be done regularly to help remove pet odors from your home. Doing this on a regular basis will remove many different types of odors, such as urine, or things the pet may have been playing with or eating. If you allow your animals on the furniture, you should have the furniture steam cleaned along with any other pet beds your pet may lay on regularly. Also, regular mattress cleaning is important along with fabrics that pets may be on, such as your sheets, comforters, pillows, and blankets.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Your pets probably lay on the carpet daily. Carpets are a common place for many different types of odors to hide along with bacteria and other microbes. Carpet cleaning on a regular basis will aid in removing pet odors and keep your home a clean and safe place for every member of the family. This should be done once every six months for optimal conditions.

Fabric Spray

Fabric spray is great for removing pet odors during those times in between deep cleanings when you are planning to have guests over. As mentioned above, people that do not own their own pets may find pet odors offensive and not come back to visit you again. So, to keep your friends around, by giving the place a good spray down before they arrive.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are not only good for removing pet odors, but they are good for people that may have allergies to animals that come into your home. There are special air purifiers made specifically for homes with pets in them. They remove things like mold, bacteria, as well as pet dander and freshen the air for everyone in your home.

Steambrite Can Help With Removing Pet Odors From Your Home

If removing pet odors from your home is important to you, consider a cleaning service to take care of steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Working with professionals will save you a ton of time and the trouble of having to do it all yourself. Call our skilled cleaning professionals at SteamBrite Carpet Cleaning for a free consultation today! (727) 940-5364

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