Why Mattress Cleaning is Important

There are many reasons to keep your mattresses clean. Mattress cleaning is most highly recommended for households with allergy sufferers and small children. Here are a few reasons why cleaning your mattress should become part of your semi-annual to-do list.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are the number one reason to make mattress cleaning a top priority in your home. Dust mites are common throughout the home, but the majority of them live in your beds. Dust mites live off of the dead skin that flakes off your body on a daily basis. Humans shed, on average, two pounds of skin a year. This is enough food for more dust mites than you can imagine. These little arachnids are smaller than the naked eye can see, they don’t bite people, and they are not problematic like bed bugs. Dust mites are an okay parasite to have around, the only issue with them is that some people are allergic to their feces. Since they are so small, their excretions are even smaller and can become airborne just by jostling the bed. When you have your mattress cleaned on a regular basis, the excretions are removed from the mattress and less likely to give allergy sufferers and small children issues such as labored breathing, itchy eyes, and asthma. Cleaning your mattresses and regular deep cleanings of the rest of the home are necessary to protect the ones you love.


You may or may not allow your pets to lay on the bed. Either way, pet dander, hair, and possible accidents could be getting into your mattresses without you knowing. Many people are allergic to pet dander and don’t even realize it. Usually, only severe allergy sufferers will avoid owning a pet. People with mild pet allergies can void making them worse by keeping their homes and all fabric surfaces clean. Professional mattress cleaning and other deep cleaning services are a must for homes that have pets in them. Even if you don’t believe that you have allergies to pets, other family members and guests may be sensitive to pet allergens. You should do your best to accommodate your guests and look into mattress cleaning and other in-home deep cleaning services.

Longer Life for Your Mattress

Regularly cleaning your mattress will elongate the life of your mattresses. Mattresses can also hold sweat that can create odorous stains. Mattress cleaning will also remove accident stains from your beds and make sure they smell fresh.

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