Grout Sealer – Do You Know if it is True or False?

Tile and grout flooring can make any home have an elegant look and makes our Florida homes more inviting. But taking care of them properly is important for their upkeep and looking good. Take our true or false grout sealers quiz to find out how much you really know about grout sealing and why it is necessary to apply grout sealer to your tile floors.

Grout Sealer: True or False?

Statement 1: Grout sealant can substitute for mopping the floor as it safeguards grout from stains.
Answer: False.

The floors and shower tile should be cleaned with regularity in order to keep the grout and tile looking amazing. Tile floors should be cleaned with a vacuum. The floor should also be washed with a detergent mix along with a chamois. Be sure to dry those tile floors with a clean towel to prevent streaking and slips.

Statement 2: Sealing grout assists in guarding the floor against stains that are water or oil-based.
Answer: True.

However, in order for the sealant to work its magic, the floor must be kept clean. Spills should be mopped up right away. Our team can clean your floors and apply grout sealer so your floors and shower looks its best.

Steam Cleaning Floor Before Applying Grout SealerStatement 3: Grout should be steam cleaned and subsequently sealed once per year.
Answer: True.

Steam cleaning gets you tile and grout deep cleaned. Most property owners find a yearly grout steam cleaning and resealing is necessary to keep their floors and showers looking flawless.

Statement 4: Grout sealer is stain-proof to spills so there is nothing to worry about if you drop wine, coffee, soda, or another beverage on the floor.
Answer: False.

Grout sealants are meant to form a stain-resistant layer that guards against stains. If something spills, react quickly and clean it before the floor pores absorb it.

Statement 5: Vinegar and ammonia should not be used to clean tile and/or grout.
Answer: True.

Vinegar and ammonia are acidic so they will break apart the sealant and cause grout discoloration.

Statement 6: Once the grout sealer is applied to the tile, it is no longer necessary to worry the grout will stain or spot.
Answer: False.

Grout sealer certainly serves as a robust protective barrier against dirt and water. However, grout sealer will still require consistent cleanings. If your tile and grout are neglected, they will have to be replaced sooner than should be necessary.

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