Start off With a Thorough De-cluttering

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. If you are struggling with deciding where to start, first make an appointment to have floor and carpet cleaning services performed and then work on de-cluttering your home. If you are struggling to find a place to store certain items, put them in a pile on a table or the couch for review. Once you are done picking up, you can review the items that do not have an appropriate storage space or serve an important purpose to decide which are worth keeping. If you decide it needs to stay then search for an appropriate place to put it.

Clean Your Property From the Top on Down

There is no sense having carpet cleaning services if dust, dirt, cobwebs, and gunk will end up falling down from above. Clean off all those cobwebs on your ceiling, walls, and shelves. Dust and wipe everything above the floor so there is that much less of a chance for gunk to end up on the floor.
The next step is to clean off the chairs, couch, and tables as they, too have the potential to end up causing a dusty floor. As you clean the ceiling, walls, and furniture, dust from these spaces will drift on down to the floor. Give everything a good scrub so you don’t have to worry about anything unsavory eventually falling down from above. For help on getting started, be sure to review our list of spring cleaning tips.

Get a Deep Clean with Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Steam carpet cleaning services by Steambrite Once you have gotten the higher areas clean, rely on our carpet cleaning services to do the job and you will enjoy a truly comprehensive clean. Our steam cleaning team will perform a deep clean to extract all of the dirt and dust trapped in your carpet fibers. Don’t be tempted to try DIY (do it yourself)C carpet cleaning as there are many reasons why professional carpet cleaning services will make your home look and smell better while improving air quality and avoiding mold.

Pay Special Attention to the Guest Room Floor

The guest room’s cleanliness is of the utmost importance. This is the portion of the home your guests will be staying in and they will appreciate a clean and tidy space. Furthermore, you likely had some guests over during the holidays and it probably needs to be refreshed before your next guests arrive. Each portion of the floor, including the space under the bed, should be cleaned.
If there are any odd smells or stains from dogs, cats, the kids, or any other source, this is a great time to clean them up and get off to a fresh start. Our Carpet cleaning services will clean your home and your guests will enjoy a perfectly clean space you are genuinely proud of.

Give Your Home a Touch-up

Once all of the floors have been cleaned by our Carpet cleaning service team, give everything one final review, from the floor to the furniture, shelves, and beyond. If you notice any dust, stains, or smudges, wipe them down so your home is in perfect condition to start into the busy summer season.

Contact Steambrite for Deep Clean

Kids playing after carpet cleaning services on clean and fresh carpetSteambrite can make your spring cleaning much easier with our carpet cleaning services along with tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial cleaning. Call us today at 727-940-5364 for help getting your home deep clean during your spring cleaning.

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