Dunedin Tile and Grout Cleaning


We are proud to provide the best tile and grout cleaning services in the Dunedin area. Our cleans are powerful, effective, and completely safe. It’s no secret that tile and grout are extremely difficult to keep looking perfect all the time. Merely running a broom or a mop across tile and grout will not suffice. You need a deep clean performed by Dunedin’s top tile and grout cleaning professionals. Steambrite knows exactly how to eliminate dirt that has moved down into the grout and tile lines, pits, and grooves.

We use a specialized cleaning solution that is custom tailored for the floor in your home or business. Our tile and grout cleaning team has high-pressure steam cleaning equipment that cleans your tile without causing even the slightest bit of damage. Your tile and grout will look pristine after our truck-mounted cleaning equipment and next-generation surface cleaning tools are put to use.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for Dunedin Bathrooms

We will make your bathtub, shower, and entire bathroom shine. Bathrooms are regularly exposed to dirt, soap, and grime. These substances gradually build up to the point that the aesthetics and safety of the bathroom can be compromised. Our tile and grout cleaning services in Dunedin are here to restore your bathroom to its prime. By performing a deep clean, one the typical household cleaner can’t provide, your bathroom tile will look good as new!

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleans

Every kitchen floor will eventually wear down and look dull in due time. A thorough clean will make these surfaces sparkle like they did when they were first installed. The kitchen is the area of the home where a majority of accidents occur that lead to deep or extensive stains. Our Dunedin tile and grout cleaning team use cutting-edge cleaning equipment specifically designed to clean especially greasy and stained areas. Our goal is to leave your kitchen tile and grout clean and sparkling.

Cap Off Your Tile and Grout Clean With a Protective Tile Sealant

Our tile and grout cleaning professionals in Dunedin advise sealing grout after each deep cleaning. The application of this protector seals the grout, guarding it against dirt and staining. Adding this sealant also eases cleaning in the coming weeks, months, and years because it helps the tile and grout look clean for as long as possible.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Other Surface Cleans

Are you looking for a group of professionals to clean your bathroom tile, ceramic tile, kitchen tile, or other tile/grout area? Reach out to us today to learn more about our services. Aside from tile and grout, we also clean porcelain, granite, marble, concrete, stone pavers, Terrazzo, and other floors and surfaces. You can reach our Dunedin tile and grout cleaning professionals at (727) 940-5364.

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