Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Clearwater

Clearwater business owners can trust in Steambrite Carpet Cleaning Services for all their commercial cleaning needs. At Steambrite we use only the latest technology in cleaning, with our powerful, safe and efficient truck mounted steam cleaner, we promise exceptional results at an affordable cost. Many companies promise great results with a price that is too good to be true, only to be disappointed later with surprise hidden charges. That isn’t the case with Steambrite Carpet Cleaning, the only surprise you’ll be getting is how amazing your business looks after we’re done!

Clearwater Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Steambrite we have a very specific process to ensure we address all your needs in a timely manner with minimal interruption to the schedule of your business.

Our Process

  • Perform a walk through inspection with the manager, and note problem areas such as high traffic and extra soiled areas.
  • Discuss and make suggestions for cleaning based on business events and work flow.
  • Create a detailed proposal for the manager’s review and are accessible to answer any questions.
  • Coordinate cleaning during the most convenient time for the business (e.g., after closing, evenings, or weekends).
  • Schedule a visit with the manager 90 days later, to continue our monitoring and to ensure that we are properly advising the client as to when to clean before the soiling/traffic damages the carpet.
  • We clean wall to wall carpet, area rugs, fabric and leather furniture, fabric partitions, and space dividers. Tile & grout (walls and floors.) and many other types of hard surface floors.

If your Clearwater commercial facility requires cleaning services, call Steambrite for a free commercial carpet cleaning quote today.

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