Carpet Cleaning in Palm Harbor

Steambrite Offers Exceptional Carpet Cleaning in Palm Harbor, Florida

Carpet Cleaning in Palm Harbor with SunsetBio-degradable carpet cleaners in Palm Harbor Icon.Steambrite provides high quality and prompt carpet cleaning in Palm Harbor, Florida. In fact, we strive to provide same day services to the Tampa Bay area whenever possible. We use the latest bio-degradable cleaner technology and powerful truck mounted carpet steam cleaning machine ensuring the highest quality results without the use of harsh chemicals. Steambrite Cleaning Services offers green friendly bio-degradable cleaning products upon request.

So, whether you need a simple, regular carpet cleaning to protect your carpet’s warranty, you need a more extensive odor treatment for your pet’s messes or stain treatment in those high traffic areas, Steambrite is ready to take on the job. If your carpet is under warranty, all of our technicians are IICRC certified which is usually recommended or required for your warranty to remain valid.  Depending on your brand and type of carpet, warranties can have different stipulations but we will be happy to review yours with you to help make sure you are following the guide lines.  We also offer premium carpet cleaning services for an additional cost if desired, these services include:

  • Carpet Protector: Carpets are treated with protector from the factory but it is recommended to re-apply periodically after cleaning to extend the life of your carpet.
  • Odor Treatment: Eliminate those undesirable odors trapped in carpets. We recommend this for pet owners, or just rooms with a musty smell or ageing carpets.
  • Water Damage Extraction: Busted pipe? Overflowing washing machine? Not a problem, we provide water damage extraction services.
  • Green Cleaning Products: Worried about the chemicals in standard cleaning products? Not to worry, Steambrite now provides green, healthier bio-degradable cleaning products upon request.
  • We also provide our cleaning services for motorhomes, boat interiors and automobiles.

State of the Art Technology

Steambrite Cleaning Services uses a super powerful 4 cylinder gas powered engine located in our cleaning truck to heat the steam and power the immense suction of our vacuum. With this much raw power, your carpets get a much deeper clean and dry much faster than typical off the shelf carpet cleaning methods. Also, we use a specially heated cleaning solution that gets deep into the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt. Then we complete our two-step process using a powerful extractor and pH-balanced fiber rinse to remove dirt and the cleaning solution. Periodic deep cleanings of your carpet reduce dust mites and allergy causing pollens in the air, making your home safer for you and your loved ones.

Get a Great Price for Quality Carpet Cleaning in Palm Harbor

If you are looking for an accurate quote on carpet cleaning in Palm Harbor, then rely on Steambrite for a price you can count on. Unlike some of our competitors, we will give you a great price on the right services for your carpets. So, if you are ready for Steambrite to exceed your expectations with carpet cleaning in Palm Harbor then give us a call for a free carpet cleaning quote today!

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