Carpet Care Tips for a Clean Carpet and Long Life

Carpet care is very important for having carpets that look nice and do not adversely affect you and your family’s health.  Keeping you carpeting fresh is an important aspect of managing your healthy indoor air quality and environment.  Dirty carpets look bad and are packed with grime and pollutants.  When you walk on the carpeting, these dirt particles work like sandpaper to break down you carpet fibers shorting the life span of your carpet. Carpets that are clean can improve air quality by absorbing dust and other air particles but a dirty carpet has no room to absorb these pollutants.

Regular and Proper Vacuuming is Important to Carpet Care

Carpet Care Tips - Woman VacuumingYour first line of defense in carpet care is vacuuming. There are two important components to proper vacuuming. The first is having the proper vacuum for your type of carpet.  For more information on picking the right vacuum, Mohawk has a vacuum guide on their site. The second one is to vacuum you carpet slowly in back and forth repetitive strokes. Slow vacuuming from different directions should be done at least twice a week in the average household.


Regular Professional Steam Cleaning For Proper Carpet Care

Having your carpets regularly professionally steam cleaned is an important part of carpet care and will extend the life of your carpet.  Steam cleaning penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and lifts out the many pollutants and dirt present.  Because it is steam, it removes most moisture so your carpets dry fast.  Most carpet manufactures, recommend having your carpets steam cleaned at least once a year.  If you have a warranty on your carpet, Steambrite’s IICRC certified technicians will check your warranty for you and will let you know which services are applicable and how often since warranties differ.

Avoid DIY Steam Cleaners

Trying to save money on carpet care with DIY steam cleaners will do more damage than good.  They do not have the power professional steam cleaning abilities and can leave water in the carpet that can cause mildew and odor.  Also the carpet cleaning solutions that come with these machines leave behind a soapy residue that will attract dirt making your carpets dirty much quicker.

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Carpet Care Tips - spring Cleaning CouponSteambrite Cleaning Services offers many other services beyond carpet care.  We also offer upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning.  We offer professional steam cleaning services by IICRC certified technicians that will get the job done right with superior 5 star service.  Right now we are offering a spring cleaning special on all steam cleaning services so call us today at 727-940-5364 for a free quote for all your steam cleaning needs.

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